Famous Relatives

I am related to the following list of famous people. I figure is someone has a Wikipedia page, they are considered famous.

Mayflower Passengers
John Alden (13th great grandfather) –

William Brewster (12th great grandfather) –

Mary (Wentworth) Brewster (12th great grandfather) –

Francis Cooke (11th and 12th great grandfather) –

Damaris (Hopkins) Cooke (11th great grandmother) –

Stephen Hopkins (12th great grandfather) –

Elizabeth (Fisher) Hopkins (12th great grandmother) –

Priscilla Mullins (13th great grandmother) –

William Mullins (14th great grandfather) –

Thomas Rogers (11th great grandfather) –

Resolved White (10th great grandfather) – He was about five years old when he and his parents made the voyage to America.

Susannah (Fuller) White Winslow (11th great grandmother) – First lady of Plymouth Colony. Susannah was at least a couple month pregnant when she boarded the Mayflower. She save birth to her son Peregrine White in November 1620. The Mayflower was anchored outside of Cape Cod at the time. Her husband died in February of 1621. Shortly after that, she married Edward Winslow, another Mayflower passenger. Edward later became the 3rd, 6th and 10th Governor of Plymouth County, thus making Susannah the first lady of Plymouth County.

William White (11th great grandfather) – Signer of the Mayflower Compact. Unfortunately, did not live very long after arriving in America.

Early Immigrants
Stephen Bachiler (10th great grandfather) – He arrived in America in 1632 with his widowed daugher (Deborah Wing) and her three sons.  He was an Oxford educated clergyman and had Puritan leanings, but wasn’t necessarily part of the movement.  In fact, he cast the only dissenting vote in the expultion of Roger Williams.  Author Robert Charles Anderson’s said of Bachiler in The Great Migration Begins  “Among the many remarkable lives lived by early New Englanders, Bachiler’s is the most remarkable.”

Samuel Chapin – (11th great grandfather) – Founding father of Springfield, MA.

Silas Wright (first cousin six times removed) – Governer of New York (1845-1846), United States Senator (1833-1844) and appeared on the $50 Gold Certificate from 1882 to 1912.

John Adams (third cousin eight times removed) – Second President of the United States. Common ancestor: Henry Adams.

John Quincy Adams (fourth cousin seven times removed) – Sixth President of the United States. Common ancestor: Henry Adams.

Grover Cleveland (sixth cousin, four times removed) – 22nd and 24th President of the United States. Common ancestors: Samuel Chapin, Samuel Wright and Henry Burt.

Lenore (LaFount) Romney (ninth cousin, once removed) First Lady of Michigan from 1963 to 1969. Common ancestor: John Wing

Mitt Romney (ninth cousin) 70th Governor of Massachusetts, 2012 Republican Nominee for President of the United States. Common ancestor: John Wing

Other Noteables
Raymond O. Beaudoin (second cousin twice removed) – Winner of the Congressional Medal of Honor.  During the Battle of the Bulge, with his unit pinned down and outnumbered, he charged the sniper’s nest most responsible for their situation so that his men could safely send for help.  The nest was some 90 yards away and he reached the nest despite a barrage of rifle and bazooka fire.  Once at the nest, he killed three of the four inhabitants.  The fourth fled and was subsequently gunned down by the American unit.  He continued his attack by running towards another dugout and was cut down by a burst of machine gun fire.  As a result of his actions, his unit was able to secure help and this eventually led to an American victory.

Aaron Draper Shattuck (first cousin five times removed) – He was an American painter who was most known for his paintings of New England landscapes.  Interestingly, he lived to the age of 97, but stopped painting at the age of 57 after an illness.

J. P. Morgan (sixth cousin, four times removed) – American financier. Common ancestor: Samuel Chapin

Clara Barton  (sixth cousin five times removed) – Founder of the American Red Cross. Common ancestor: Thomas Flint

Wilbur and Orville Wright  (sixth cousin five times removed) – Aviation pioneers. Common ancestor: Samuel Wright

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