How I plan to ship your cards

Unfortunately, the cost of shipping adds overhead to trading online. I seek to minimize these costs without risking damage to the cards. 

Small Trades with BV under $10 (one to three cards)
I will usually secure the cards in a top loader or card saver and secure them inside a plain white envelope. I have sent and received hundreds of cards shipped in this manner and have not had one be damaged.

Small Trades with BV over $10  (one to three cards)
I will still secure the cards in a top loader, but will use a bubble mailer instead of a plain white envelope

Medium Trades (up to 100 cards)
I will secure the cards in team bags.  I will tape the slack on the bags so they are snug around the cards.  If I need more than one bag, I will tape the bags together so they are side by side (similar to rack packs).  I will then cut a piece of cardboard and tape it to the top and bottom of the team bags.  The cardboard will be larger than the cards and will protect the edges and corners.  When done, it resembles a sandwich.  Sometimes, if there are only a few cards, I will only use one piece of cardboard.  Finally, I place it in a bubble mailer.

Large Trades (100 to 800)
I will secure the cards with an appropriately sized box.  I will use lightweight materials (ie: tissue, Styrofoam) to make sure the cards cannot move within the box.  Next, I will protect the box's corners by placing a layer of bubble wrap over them.  Finally, find an brown grocery bag and wrap the box like a Christmas present.

Mega Trades (800 or more)
I will double-box the cards and send UPS ground.  UPS automatically comes with $100 insurance.

Delivery Confirmation and Insurance
Usually, I do not use delivery confirmation unless I sense there may be a problem.  I will insure packages only when replacement would be a big problem for me.  I can mail most of my trades without actually going in the post office.  Getting delivery confirmation or insurance means I have to plan a special trip to the PO.

Snap Tight Containers
I almost never send cards using snap tight containers.  While they are easier to use, they cost and weigh more than the materials I use.  If you are planning to send me cards in a snap tight container and want one in return, just let me know.  It isn't a problem.

Not pleased with my shipping methods?
Just let me know what you would prefer when making a trade with you.  I will not be offended or hold it against you, but it might mean we will not be able to make a trade.  For example, I am probably not going to agree to using a bubble mailer and delivery confirmation for a common $1 insert.