Grace Slick

I have added Grace Slick to my famous relatives page. She is my 10th cousin, once removed. Our nearest common ancestors are Mayflower passenger Resolved White and his wife Judith Vassall. Grace is descended through their Resolved and Judith’s daughter Elizabeth. My ancestry goes through another daughter (Anne). I ran across Grace Slick looking for famous descendants of Resolved White. This seems to be a fair exclusive club. Right now, Grace seems to be the only known member, but I will keep looking.

Grace was born Grace Barnett Wing. “Slick” was a married name. This was an obvious curiosity for me. It turns out that Grace’s Wing ancestors immigrated from Norway, thus making it unlikely she descended from the Wings of Sandwich.

In looking to confirm the Resolved White connection, I noticed something else I found interesting. Based on the research at Dowling Family Genealogy, Grace’s direct ancestors includes Anne and Joanna Batcheler. They were the younger sisters of Wing family matriarch, Deborah Wing.

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