Elisha Flint

This summer, we took a side trip to Royalton, Vermont to search cemeteries. I have family including direct ancestors who had lived in the area. My goal was to first locate the family members with known (to me) burial locations and maybe find others.

My best unexpected discovery was the Flint lot in South Royalton Village Cemetery. The headstone included Elisha Flint and Polly Keyes (3rd great grandparents), their daughter Betsey, their son Jonas Flint and his wife Clarissa Rowe (2nd great grandparents).

Polly Keyes was Elisha’s third wife. He had two children with Polly and twelve children all together. I located some of Elisha’s other children in the same cemetery, but not his first two wives. His first wife, Patty Wood, died before 1807. His second, Betty Orvis, died in 1826. I don’t know if they were interred in Village Cemetery or somewhere else. If they had been buried in Village Cemetery, it wouldn’t surprise me that I couldn’t find headstones.

One of the curiosities this satisfied for me when Polly died. The History of Royalton put her year of death at 1891, making her 104 at her death. For me, this seems too old for the time to be believable. It turns out she died in 1881 make her are more realistic (but still very old) 94.

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