Web Site Upgrade

I have upgraded my web site to the latest version of WordPress and integrated The Next Generation (TNG) 8. The thing I like about TNG is it provides an excellent engine for displaying genealogical data. The thing I don’t like is it doesn’t do much else. Fortunately, there are available modules that allow TNG to work with CMS packages like WordPress. If you click the Genealogy Database tab in the main menu, you will be able to search my research.

My old site used Drupal. TNG has software modules/plugins that integrates TNG with several CMS packages including Drupal and WordPress. I decided to port over to WordPress because I could find web sites that used TNG and WordPress together, but not TNG and and Drupal. Plus, I was looking for an excuse to become more familiar with WordPress. Unfortunately, getting this working wasn’t as easy as I had hoped. It was important to me that the themes in the two packages at least looked like they belonged together. I spent a lot of time getting this to work properly.

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